Hammer Hero v1.13 (Mod Apk)

by [email protected]

Hammer Hero v1.13 (Mod Apk) [Release Coupon] HAMMERSTART (500 diamonds paid)
[New User Event] Acquire legendary equipment just by attending!

When all the weapons are gone
Wouldn’t peace come to the world?

Let’s destroy weapons with a hammer!

Hammer Hero, King of Weapons Destruction
A hammer hero destroying weapons with a big hammer!
Grow your unique character infinitely!

Idle RPG with a cool feeling of hitting
Feel the cool blow feeling while smashing the weapon!
Enjoy stress-free comfort with automatic battles!

Rapid growth and rich content
High-speed growth system without rest from production, synthesis, disassembly, and promotion!
Collect more than 100 types of equipment, artifacts, and pets to become even more powerful!

Dungeon adventure
Explore dungeons full of rewards and challenge powerful bosses!
Developer Contact:
[email protected]해머히어로 - 방치형 RPG
해머히어로 - 방치형 RPG
해머히어로 - 방치형 RPG
해머히어로 - 방치형 RPG
해머히어로 - 방치형 RPG
해머히어로 - 방치형 RPG

Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited Stars
Unlimited Resources

Install Steps:
1) Download mod apk
2) Install and enjoy
Make sure overlay permission is set


Hammer Hero v1.13 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Hammer Hero v1.13 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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