Golden Valley: City Build Sim v18.5.5-master (Mod Apk)

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Golden Valley: City Build Sim v18.5.5-master (Mod Apk) Close your eyes and imagine the ideal virtual Megapolis, blooming and big, full of roads, houses, decorated with benches, architectural buildings and marvelous décor. Sounds perfect, right? Now open your eyes and try Golden Valley – a game in which you will fulfill all your dreams!
You will not only build your Megapolis and watch it grow bigger, but also complete special tasks that will guide you on the way to glorious living place. You will grow vegetables and fruits, cut wood, build houses, open shops and restaurants, decorate the city with special buildings. Become an architect and think of a special strategy for the growth of the town. Try yourself as a designer and turn the streets into a work of art. Make everything around a true delight to see!
You can find high-resolution graphic objects in Golden Valley — detailed residential buildings, beautiful decorations, and more.
Tired of same-type farms that grow wheat? Tired of feeding cows and chickens? In Golden Valley you can set up a trade and start your own business! You can build various types of buildings, making the virtual Megapolis resemble the real one! And don’t forget about places where you can gather together with your friends! Houses on trees, flower beds and lots of plants will help your Megapolis flourish and thrive. Gather the income and become not only an architect, but also a businessman. A good strategy will help you succeed.
Upgrading the houses is also important for your city to be more modern.
You can play Golden Valley alone, but it’s more fun to play together with friends or family. Gather a team of town planners, start planning and upgrading the city with them. Send them gifts, help in the upgrading of the city and compete to get valuable prizes. Golden Valley is ready to offer many upgrades and many features, in which help of your team is very important. City management is a important for its growth, and therefore everyone needs a team and a strategy. Gather your own today to see the first results together as soon as possible.
Golden Valley is a great game that will help you to try yourself as a city planner, architect, businessman and farmer. Try it now!
Golden Valley: City Build Sim
Golden Valley: City Build Sim
Golden Valley: City Build Sim
Golden Valley: City Build Sim
Golden Valley: City Build Sim
Golden Valley: City Build Sim

MOD APK features:
You can get free stuff without watching ads.

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


Golden Valley: City Build Sim v18.5.5-master (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Golden Valley: City Build Sim v18.5.5-master (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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